Friday, January 18, 2008

28 Reasons why we are opposed to the rock concert site

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2. The SIZE of the CROWD is UNPREDICTABLE. Promoter Melvin Benn started off saying “inaugural expected audience of 10,000 to 20,000 people” (The Daily Journal Nov. 2007) Then, quickly increased the number of people to 50,000 when confronted with an article by a co-promoter indicating at least 150,000 people in attendance (see Phil. Inq. article dated 11/28/07).

3. Even if ticket sales are limited, the music will be able to be heard from a large area surrounding the site. People may believe they can come and stop anywhere to camp out and listen to the music. Groups of friends may get together to create “party groups”

4. The NUMBER of ATTENDEES unwilling to purchase a ticket or unable to be accommodated on site, may be so OVERWHELMING that they park and camp anywhere, especially in the farm fields along the roadways – trampling and damaging produce and pillaging the fields for food.

5 WEATHER is UNPREDICTABLE. If it rains, parking becomes impossible. If high temperature and/or dry conditions, there is a potential for disaster if a camp fire ignites the surrounding woodlands.

6. FARMERS who need to use the roads to access fields and take products to the Auction BLOCK could be trapped for ATLEAST (3) DAYS – possibly MORE.

7. Our PROPERTIES will be DEVALUED by any purchaser who would be interested in buying. This will ultimately result in lower assessments and additional tax burdens on the rest of the City’s properties.

8. If it is allowed to occur, what is to prevent other concert promoters from using this or their other location on a more frequent basis? Elwyn has another large site that could be used for similar activities (bordered by Landis Ave, Spring Rd, Chestnut and Main Roads). If this is financially beneficial to Elwyn - Why wouldn’t they?

9. DISRUPTION to the entire EAST VINELAND area for AT LEAST a WEEK – probably longer every year. To set up the site, the promoter stated they may even start (6) weeks in advance plus each band may possibly have 3+ tractor trailers of equipment in addition to their motor homes.

10. The SITE is UNDEFENSIBLE with miles of frontage on Sherman Avenue; Mays Landing Road and Panther Road providing access to the site by people from these areas.

11. The stream and lake on the site is the headwater of the Wild and Scenic River. The concert will disrupt the natural habitat.

12. RURAL ROADS are unable to handle the large traffic volume and the roads around Route 55 and 47 (Delsea Drive) were overloaded with traffic jams just with our own local Christmas traffic.

13. SUMMER SHORE TRAFFIC on ROUTE 55 both going to and coming back from the shore creates an overflow of traffic

14. THUNDERBOLT RACEWAY GRAND OPENING is the same weekend with an estimated crowd of 10,000 to 20,000 people.

15. With the RACEWAY OPENING, the Millville Police Dept. will be busy in Millville and the Sherriff’s Dept will probably be needed as well.

16. The VPD has never had to deal with a 50K+ crowd, which could possibly grow to over 150K+ “party-goers” for a (3) day period. This is just too risky.

17. HOSPITAL ACCESS for most Vineland areas as well as Milmay, Dorothy and Port Elizabeth will be severely impaired due to the increase in traffic. SHERMAN Ave. is a DIRECT ACCESS road to both the HOSPITAL and CONCERT site.

18. Our HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM is NOT EQUIPPED to handle large crowds. With a normal case load, it is not unusual for the ER to have a several hour wait.

19. The promoters have already cost the taxpayers money by occupying the staff of City Hall’s time. We will need to have EXTRA EMT’s, POLICE and FIREMEN. We local taxpayers will have to pay for any extra expense.

20. The same promoters that claim they pick-up all the extra costs have REFUSED paying a $600,000 bill and have went to court to avoid paying for same in Leeds, England (see Rioting at Leeds Festival Article at How can we possibly calculate the REAL COST of providing services, let alone the cost to property owners in the reduced value of their homes that they purchased specifically in the area for a place of quiet enjoyment?

21. If the concert is permitted and is financially successful, which I believe the promoters will be, then it will return every year with a LARGER and LARGER crowd.

22. All REGULATIONS regarding NOISE CONTROL will be waived for the Promoters. The NOISE will go on until 3AM. Local residents who live here and pay taxes to support the government would not be allowed to do this - a total disrespect of neighbors.

23. Alcohol beverages will be sold.

24. Great potential for Drug Sales and Gang Involvement.

25. Gangs have become an increasing problem in our County. The rival gangs may compete for the drug business. Police contribute approximately 85% of local crime to drug related activities.

26. This is a total disrespect of our homes, land and security.

27. The Promoters have provided Inconsistent information regarding the number of arrests, riots, injuries, deaths, damage to property as well as paying for all additional costs related to the event.
28. We were never consulted or involved with the planning of this event. It was made public AFTER plans were already made WITHOUT PUBLIC INPUT.